Live at the Memphis Jewish Community Center

Black Beauty enjoys the sun

Come join us on a beautiful day from 1-4 at 6560 Poplar Ave for our Sunday adoption event.

As a summary, we had SIX adoptions, including Dockery, TJ, Ava Lea, Sprout, Ruffles (Taffy), and Midnight. We had lots of other applications filled out and hope that some of those move from application to adoption!

Harley comes back to visit

Harley comes back to visit

We had a visit from Harley, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was adopted from an event at the Jewish Community Center a year or so ago. His adopter says that Harley is just the best dog. He enjoys his bath time – and from the looks of him, Harley is very well-groomed! It’s always such a treasure for us to see the adoptees and adopters after they’ve solidly bonded.

Daisy and Roscoe frolick with new friends

Daisy and Roscoe frolic with new friends

We always LOVE to be at the Jewish Community Center. The kids, who seem to multiply the longer we’re there, love our dogs and our dogs and puppies love them. For instance, Daisy and Roscoe, who are fostered together and are fast furry buddies, frolicked with each other and then ran into some new playmates who weren’t afraid to get on the ground and play with them. A good time was had by all!

See below for some of our gallery of pics from our great day on the soccer fields at the Jewish Community Center. We also did a little video of some of the fun – access that at the upper left-hand corner of our website or by going to YouTube.