Answer:The most handsome JRT in the group.

WHO IS TREBEK?  Yep, my foster mom is a Jeopardy fan and since I am AT LEAST as handsome as Alex Trebek, I took his name for my own! I even have my own WEBPAGE, check it out!

Since I moved to this cool foster home, I have gained some much needed weight.  I am up to 15 pounds now, so I while I have long legs, I am not a very large dog at all.  I love to cuddle and my best trick I learned from a poodle–I stand on my back legs and pump my front feet up and down.  My foster mom says it’s pretty adorable to see.  It is my signal for you to pick me up so I can give you a hug.  You DO like hugs, don’t you?  I hope so.

I get along very well with all the dogs and cats here in my foster home.  BUT, I really am a people-furson.  I love little people, especially–you know, the young short ones….children I think they are called.

Now, you may be thinking Jack Russell Terriers are maniacs, and I admit, I have known a few.  But I AM NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!  I am calm, house trained, crate trained (it’s my MAN CAVE, DUDE!), and very loving.

My tail is docked and it wags constantly.  I am such a happy guy who is looking for a super loving family to call my very own.   If your question is who is the best JRT for your house, I, Trebek, am the answer!


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