Blackie is my name and cruising is my game!

Okay, get the keys, open the door–it’s time to hit the road!  My name is Blackie.  I am a SMALL celebrity of sorts – I have my very own webpage:  Let’s see, where to start..oh, I know…once upon a time I lived in Middle Tennesse, in Murfreesboro with my very own family.  But something happened and they surrendered me to the animal shelter.  I didn’t like it there and got in a bad mood and snapped and barked at the staff.  They said I was not adoptable–silly people.  But my foster mom saw my irresistible brown eyes and came to save me.  It was great…as quick as a flash, I was LIBERATED again and IN the Tahoe, off on a new excellent adventure, headed to Memphis.  I hear the BBQ here is terrific.  I LOVE a road trip.  (You have no idea how I love a road trip)

When I first got to Memphis, I was a little overweight, but I am on a nice, tasty low calorie diet and am a svelte 14 lbs. now.  Where is that BBQ???

My best home will be a quiet one with older folks who will let me hang in their laps, get lots of loving, and who will make sure I get to go on EVERY ERRAND possible to get my fix for the open road.

I don’t like strangers, so I am an excellent watch dog and I don’t like children…well, I find them tasty to snack on…but I don’t like to hang out with them.  I am a TYPICAL chihuahua–I like what I like a whole lot and what I don’t like, well, who needs to clutter their lives with stuff they don’t enjoy?

If you love Chihuahuas who love the feel of the wind in their face, then I am the GIRL FOR YOU!


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