Kerry o my heart!

Hi, I am Kerry,, a shetland sheep dog/golden retriever (we think!) mix.  I am a petite, fine boned dog with beautiful red hair.  My coat is medium length and has some pretty sable points, especially on my ears and tail.  A new friend, Stacey, the other day noted that my tail looks like it is braided because of the black and red coloration pattern.  Spiffy?  You betcha!

As you can see, my ears take up a lot of real estate.  I am thinking I have a future in sonar.  What do you think?

Right now, I weigh about 14 pounds, but I am  only a young thing (8 months) so while my foster mom doesn’t think I will get taller, I will get a little more meat on my bones.  I don’t think I will ever weigh more than 18 lbs, so I hope you like small sweet dogs.

OH…and I am just getting some ‘feathers’ on my hind legs that are blonde and wispy.  It is a really pretty feature they tell me.

I love kids, other dogs and even those funny looking things called cats.  There are three here in my foster home and I think they are kinda cool.  The gray ones even like me.  But not that funny looking smushy faced fuzzy one.  He’s kinda shy and has pretty blue eyes.

I am house trained, crate trained, and LOVE people.  I give great kisses and will bark if a stranger comes to the door.  But I don’t bark unless there’s a darn good reason.  I sit for greeting and am learning basic commands (when I am not frolicking with my buddies).

My best buddy here is Lilli Mae, the rat terrier puppy who is my age.  She’s lots of fun too–if you prefer short coated pooches.  We have so much fun playing and running in the falling leaves.

If you want a gorgeous red head to share your life, I am YOUR GIRL!


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