A Birthday Thanks from Moose in NH

Oscar in his early days

Oscar in his early days

It’s been about 2 yrs ago that Oscar came into Good Dog Rescue’s crew as a rescue from the Memphis Animal Shelter. A Standard Poodle, Wheaten Terrier Mix, Oscar came to us a bit underweight. He brightened up immediately upon entering his foster home, where he played well with others, ate all offered to him, and enjoyed life.

Gary and Joan Lee, from New Hampshire, spied Oscar on our list of adoptable dogs and puppies on Petfinder. They found him adorable from a distance and sought to adopt him.

GDR founder and leader, Lisa Trenthem, was torn. New Hampshire was so very far away. But this was a young couple who obviously had been very conscientious in making a decision about adopting a dog. And they had a cabin on a lake in New Hampshire along with one other dog. So this could be a very good thing for Oscar.

Well, long story short, Oscar went to live in New Hampshire, where he was renamed Moose by his adopted family. We received his yearly birthday photo with this message from Gary and Joan:

Joan & I wanted you to know that its Moose’s birthday and I don’t think he or we could be happier up here in NH!

Looking at this picture, we think you’ll agree that Oscar, er, Moose, is one VERY HAPPY and LUCKY dog! Thanks, Gary and Joan, for giving this deserving dog a happy forever home!

Moose and Gary having fun on the waterfront

Moose and Gary having fun on the waterfront


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