Adopted Fanny Brice Spreads her Wings in her new Home

Once named Fanny Brice, Good Dog Rescue’s adopted Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie has had a name change: Pigeon. She is certainly spreading her wings and flying. Here’s an update she recently sent to her foster mom:

Dear Julie,

What a weekend I had! Went to my other new house in MS. I just acted like I had been there before. There was a BIG German Shepherd there and we got along just fine. We even went for a walk together with my mom. Then can you believe, I went to Enid Lake, tried to catch the waves, and barked like crazy at the boat markers, after I rolled in the sand – It was warm on Sunday.

We all got home on Monday, and they told me I was very good on the long ride down and back. They give me chewies and I hide them all over the house. In the house I run like crazy in circles so fast that they can hardly catch me, it is really fun. I am so tired at night that I sleep soundly until morning.

Thank you so much for saving me. I will never forget you.

Love, Pigeon

Fanny Brice, now Pigeon, in her Halloween Witch costume

Fanny Brice, now Pigeon, in her Halloween Witch costume

Sounds like Pigeon is in a fabulous new home; one that provides her with a variety of activites and socialization opportunities. This is everything that our rescue organization could hope for.

Pigeon got dressed up for Halloween and her people sent us a snapshot of her witch costume. What a CUTE outfit. Just fits her perfectly!

Good Dog Rescue, and especially Pigeon’s foster mom, send Pigeon and her new family wishes for a happy and long life, filled with lots of visits to the lake, fun car rides, and tasty chewies!


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