The Beauty Shop gets a BIG WOOF from the great dogs of Good Dog Rescue

On Sunday, November 23, 2008, Good Dog Rescue received an early holiday gift from The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Greg Belz, Dr. Kathy Mitchener, Jack Kenner, Stellaware, Jeanne Reynolds, Little Miss Maddi Canine Couture, Debbie Richmond, Lil John’s Ani-mall, Seize the Clay, and LOTS of other folks!

All these great folks came out on a cool Sunday afternoon (someone even thinks she saw a snowflake, but Tami could have been hallucinating – smile). All to benefit Good Dog Rescue’s great dogs and puppies.

We had one adoption that day – Scrappy, our fun-loving wirehaired terrier, went to his forever home.

We greatly appreciated the monetary donations that came from dog massage (thanks, Dr. Mitchener), raffles of 3 special baskets of dog goodies (thanks, Tami, Vivian, and Michael), and doggie pictures with Santa Claus.

While we didn’t get many pics of the day, we have a LOT of warm memories of everyone pulling together for the benefit of our deserving dogs.

Thanks to each of you who made this day special for us and our dogs.

Lucy looks to be in for a fabulous Christmas

We just received an update on Lucy, who is our renamed Leah, our baby dachshund/rat terrier mix. Says her new dad, Kenny,

She is growing so quickly now and is such a great little dog.  I have attached a few pictures of her from the other day.

As you can see from the pictures, Lucy is ready for the holidays, dressed in a warm and comfy outfit. She was so precious to us, and her foster mom(s) – Julie and Anna. We are so pleased to hear that she’s doing well and that she is so loved!

The volunteers of Good Dog Rescue so love getting updates on the great dogs and puppies that we foster as they await their perfect forever homes … please make sure and send us updates if you have any pictures or stories of any of our adopted great dogs and puppies!

Hollywood Cordova Adoption Day

On a cool and cloudy day in Cordova dogs were being adopted and fostered!  That makes for a bright and sunny day for all of us!  Thanks to all who came by the new Hollywood store in Cordova to see all of our great dogs.  Mushroom got a new forever home with a good family.  Samantha and Violet went to a foster home.  Remember if you are unable to adopt you may want to think about foster a “Good Dog” and help them find a new forever home….or donations are always welcome to help us help the dogs!  See you next time!

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Good Dog Rescue’s upcoming weekend events

A BIG weekend coming up for Good Dog Rescue.

Join us on Saturday from 1-4pm at the Cordova Hollywood Feed Store. It’s on the west side of Germantown Parkway, at 1001 N. Germantown Parkway, Cordova. View Map

Then, on Sunday, November 23rd, the Holidays are Going to the Dogs!

Come join in the fun from 12-4pm as we Celebrate a Canine Christmas at the Beauty Shop Restaurant & First Congo Church on Cooper just south of Young. View Map

Schedule of activities:

12-4pm Good Dog Rescue will have many of our adoptable dogs/puppies on site, ready to go to their forever homes just in time for the holidays
1-4pm Christmas Market on the north lawn at First Congo Church
2:25 and 3:15 pm Canine Cookie Baking Classes at the Beauty Shop Restaurant
2-4pm Treats for good dogs on the patio at Beauty Shop & Do Sushi
2-4pm Photos with Santa to benefit Good Dog Rescue

Here are some of the great people/things to see and do while you’re there!

Seize the Clay – hands on Christmas ornaments for pets
Photographer Jack Kenner, signing his latest book, Dogs I’ve Nosed II
Pet sitting by Dogs Rule
Scarves for dogs by Stellaware
Art by Jeanne Reynolds
Little Miss Maddi Canine Couture
Holistic Health Care Seminars: Nutrition, Acupuncture & more
Massage Therapy for Dogs
Debbie Richmond Art
Lil John’s Ani-Mall
Dog Caricatures
Adoption by Good Dog Rescue
& more!!

Human refreshments available at the Beauty Shop and Do.

On behalf of all those coming together to donate their time and talents for great dogs and puppies, the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue extend a heartfelt invitation for each of you to attend. The afternoon promises to be lots of fun. You’ll have the opportunity to be inside as well as outside … so don’t worry about the weather forecast for that day!

Hope to see you at one or both of our adoption events this weekend!

Poplar Plaza Petco comes thru for great dogs again!

Good Dog Rescue’s adoption event today resulted in 2 adoptions and one foster to adopt … so it was a good day for our great dogs!

Samantha, our petite and sweet Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever Mix, got to go to a foster home that sounds like perfection. She’ll be the 2nd dog in the home and it sounds like the other dog is as laid back as Samantha. We hope that Samantha fits in so well that she’ll move from fostered to adopted … cross your fingers for Sam!

Our two adoptions were Wuzzy and Koda.

Wuzzy is an adorable Dachshund/Poodle mix. Too cute! The family adopting Wuzzy were so excited as soon as they saw her. We wish them many happy years together.

Koda got to go home to be the only Princess in her new home. A great gentleman came in, looked directly at her, and said he just had to have her! This will be a great home for Koda, and she deserves it after the rough past few months she’s had in being turned into a shelter and then rescued … waiting for her forever home.

Just to update you, Vivian, one of our volunteers who always does so much to give foster homes to our dogs, had 4 of her fosters adopted this week. This included Tux, Wallace, Flo, and Topper. Vivian still has dogs of her own and a few more rescues, so she’s not too lonely! We’re all just really happy to see these worthy dogs go to their permanent homes.

Finally, we had a new doggie join us today – Hercules. He’s quite the little guy – what with one tooth in his mouth! He’s an older dog, but has a LOT of love to give his person/family.

Remember that next week’s event is our Beauty Shop event! You can learn to bake canine-approved Christmas Cookies and collect some holistic holiday tips about good nutrition, acupuncture, and pain management therapies for dogs. Santa will be there, so you can get that precious pooch photo with Santa! Good Dog Rescue will have some of our great dogs and puppies there. Donations will also be accepted for the benefit of Good Dog Rescue’s dogs. Cat lovers are also welcome! For more information call Pins & Needles, Angel Care’s Acupuncture Center for Animals: 385-9172 , or The Beauty Shop: 272-7111.

Join us Sunday, November 23rd, from 2:00PM to 4:00PM, at The Beauty Shop, 966 South Cooper. View Map.

Daisy Goes to the Country!

Dear Friends,

I had a good time with my foster mom and her daughter….we drove after the adoption event on Saturday at Hollywood Feed in Cordova to a different adoption event…a celebration of adopted children.  She loaded me up in the car and off we all went down HWY 64 past Somerville.  And we kept going….we stopped and got out of the car to see there were alot of people that I didn’t know and lots of adopted children all having fun.  They were running and playing games.   I  got to go for a great walk in the woods…never been way out in the forest before…wow.. what great smells, the leaves, trees!  I was in dog heaven!  After awhile the sun went down and it got really cold, so I laid down on a sleeping bag and my foster mom covered me up to keep me warm near the fire.  All the little children from China, Russia, and other places kept coming over and talking to me…I licked them and said thanks for the welcome.  I even got to eat hotdogs with everyone….mmmm good.   After a while we loaded up and off we went home…but I’ll never forget my fun evening in the woods.

Yours Truly, Daisy

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Sunday Adoptions!

Hollywood Feed Bartlett here we come…with a bunch of great dogs.  Slow day but several potential adopters were out on a bright sunny day! Bandit went to his forever home and we are so pleased for this great little dog.  Good Dog Rescue brought several new comers to the event for all to see.  Here are some photos from today!

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