Daisy Goes to the Country!

Dear Friends,

I had a good time with my foster mom and her daughter….we drove after the adoption event on Saturday at Hollywood Feed in Cordova to a different adoption event…a celebration of adopted children.  She loaded me up in the car and off we all went down HWY 64 past Somerville.  And we kept going….we stopped and got out of the car to see there were alot of people that I didn’t know and lots of adopted children all having fun.  They were running and playing games.   I  got to go for a great walk in the woods…never been way out in the forest before…wow.. what great smells, the leaves, trees!  I was in dog heaven!  After awhile the sun went down and it got really cold, so I laid down on a sleeping bag and my foster mom covered me up to keep me warm near the fire.  All the little children from China, Russia, and other places kept coming over and talking to me…I licked them and said thanks for the welcome.  I even got to eat hotdogs with everyone….mmmm good.   After a while we loaded up and off we went home…but I’ll never forget my fun evening in the woods.

Yours Truly, Daisy

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