Saturday Adoptions!

Wow!  What a busy day…two adoptions events almost at the same time.  Wag and Whiskers adoptions from 11:00-1:00 with 2 adoptions – Joe and Lucky. Then for the second weekend in a row Good Dog Rescue was at Hollywood Feed in Cordova with a great crowd out to see all the good dogs.  We had 4 more adoptions on a cool windy day.  Anne Marie, Sophia, Benny Pom, and Jill were adopted at Hollywood Feed Cordova. Check us out….We even had a visitor from an adoption from 4 years ago!

2008_0102gdr230004 2008_0102gdr230007 2008_0102gdr230013 2008_0102gdr230045 2008_0102gdr230047 2008_0102gdr230015 2008_0102gdr230018 2008_0102gdr230021 2008_0102gdr230035 2008_0102gdr230040 2008_0102gdr230041 2008_0102gdr230037 2008_0102gdr230044 2008_0102gdr230010 2008_0102gdr230027

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