The Beauty Shop gets a BIG WOOF from the great dogs of Good Dog Rescue

On Sunday, November 23, 2008, Good Dog Rescue received an early holiday gift from The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Greg Belz, Dr. Kathy Mitchener, Jack Kenner, Stellaware, Jeanne Reynolds, Little Miss Maddi Canine Couture, Debbie Richmond, Lil John’s Ani-mall, Seize the Clay, and LOTS of other folks!

All these great folks came out on a cool Sunday afternoon (someone even thinks she saw a snowflake, but Tami could have been hallucinating – smile). All to benefit Good Dog Rescue’s great dogs and puppies.

We had one adoption that day – Scrappy, our fun-loving wirehaired terrier, went to his forever home.

We greatly appreciated the monetary donations that came from dog massage (thanks, Dr. Mitchener), raffles of 3 special baskets of dog goodies (thanks, Tami, Vivian, and Michael), and doggie pictures with Santa Claus.

While we didn’t get many pics of the day, we have a LOT of warm memories of everyone pulling together for the benefit of our deserving dogs.

Thanks to each of you who made this day special for us and our dogs.


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  1. I saw snow flurries!! I know I did.. LOL

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