Saturday Adoptions!

Wow!  What a busy day…two adoptions events almost at the same time.  Wag and Whiskers adoptions from 11:00-1:00 with 2 adoptions – Joe and Lucky. Then for the second weekend in a row Good Dog Rescue was at Hollywood Feed in Cordova with a great crowd out to see all the good dogs.  We had 4 more adoptions on a cool windy day.  Anne Marie, Sophia, Benny Pom, and Jill were adopted at Hollywood Feed Cordova. Check us out….We even had a visitor from an adoption from 4 years ago!

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Grand Opening ~ Hollywood Feed Cordova Adoption!

Good Dog Rescue was at the Grand Opening of the New Hollywood Feed in Cordova.  Lots of dogs and lots of visitors to the new location.  Come by the Hollywood Feed Cordova and get you pet supplies…they are one of the friendliest stores…brand new and ready to serve.  Good Dogs had a great day at the new store.  We had an adoption and several new fosters to adopt today and lots of lookers interested.  Here are some pictures of the event. Join us next week, Nov. 8, at the same location from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.