Our last adoption event of 2008 @ Hollywood Feed Cordova

We rang out the year a little early, given that New Year’s Eve is in the middle of the week and we don’t hold adoption events then! Our Saturday 12/27/08 adoption event at Hollywood Feed in Cordova was our final event of 2008.

Doesn’t seem possible that we’re changing years yet again!

It was a quiet event. We had several people stop by to pet our dogs and puppies. A few folks put in adoption applications. We had a visit from the current foster mom of Corinne and Glory.

We got to meet several of our newer dogs, including Dagwood, Betsy, Fuzzy Fred, Talbot, and Lindsey. Redd Foxx joined us, as did Bernie and Blackie.

Next weekend’s adoption event is at the Hollywood Feed Store, 2013 Union Avenue in Memphis, TN – Saturday, January 3, 2009, 1pm to 4pm. We’d love to see you there!

Maggie & Scooter wish you Merry Christmas!

Maggie and Scooter relax under the tree

Maggie and Scooter relax under the tree

Once upon a time, there were two great Shih Tzu dogs who were rescued by Mama Lisa of Good Dog Rescue fame. Maggie, a senior, and Benny, an adult, were waiting on their forever homes.

Well, these two found great homes with Jim and Linda Wooten earlier this year.

Their new found parents considered them part of their holiday presents for this Christmas. Maggie and Benny (now Scooter) recently sent their holiday greetings to Mama Lisa.

Maggie and Scooter hope Santa doesn't mistake them for one of his reindeer - those darn antlers!

Maggie and Scooter hope Santa doesn't mistake them for one of his reindeer - those darn antlers!

Merry Christmas. We are doing fine and have Christmas socks and treats but  we had to wear antlers for pictures.

Maggie and Scooter  (AKA  Benny)

These two have adorable faces … no doubt Santa couldn’t resist giving them many goodies for their holiday.

Merry Christmas to Maggie and Scooter … to Jim and Linda … and to all of our great dogs and puppies and their new families who adopted them!

Santa Came to Petco Sunday!

Adoptions right before the holidays are good for our Good Dogs that don’t have a forever home.  Santa came to Petco on our Sunday Adoption event on Poplar and Highland Store.  Several were out shopping for their dogs for Christmas and came by to see all our dogs….and some went home with a Good Dog.

Adopted were Chloe and Daisy. Jax went to a foster to possibly adopt situation – he’s in doggie heaven with this new family!

We had some new faces with us – Janie, Corinne, Glory, and Fuzzy Face.

Come see us at our upcoming adoption event – Saturday, December 27, 2008 from 10am-1pm @ the Cordova Hollywood Feed Store, 1001 N. Germantown Road, Cordova, TN.

Holiday adoption at Poplar Plaza Petco

We’re here at Poplar Plaza Petco with lots of great dogs till 4pm today (Sunday 12/21/08). Come visit with the dogs and our volunteers!

Bernie is looking for love … and a home

Bernie is a fabulous Collie mix who ended up as a stray at the Memphis Animal Shelter, one of our area’s high kill shelters. The photographer told us that Bernie pressed himself up against the front of the cage as far and hard as he could, so that you couldn’t possibly miss him. We rescued him from the shelter, so he’s safe from being euthanized.

But now Bernie is looking for his forever home. He’d be content with a great foster home that could give him the attention he is so deserving of. He is a medium-sized Collie mix who is energetic, inquisitive, and attentive. He seems to very much want to please any human that comes close. Such a loving young dog.

Have a look at Bernie’s Glog – he’s hoping to find a home soon, as it’s getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and he’s got a lot of loving warmth to share! Contact Lisa at ltrenthem@gmail.com if you have questions about adopting or fostering Bernie!

Bernie's Glog

Bernie's Glog

Holiday adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue

We had a lot of great folks come by and look at our adoptable dogs and puppies during yesterday’s adoption event at the NEW Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN. We met some neighbors of the store – who live next to it or who have businesses next to it. We really enjoyed our time there!

One official adoption from yesterday – Casey, the lovely purebred collie went to his forever home. He is a really *big* collie – you can tell that he has been well-cared-for since arriving in Memphis after Hurricane Katrina. Our bets are that he will continue to receive great care from his new parents.

Lots of our dogs and puppies were there yesterday, looking to get into their forever homes in time for the holidays. Bernie, Splash, Chloe, Rooster Cogburn, Jax, Sasha, Stretch, and Teddy were just a few of the dogs who gave up their Saturday afternoon to show themselves to visitors. We really appreciated the volunteers who came and donated time so that our dogs would get some extra special attention.

Have a look at some of our pics from yesterday. We’d love to see you at today’s adoption event – 1-4pm Poplar Plaza Petco @ Poplar and Highland.

Blogging with Bernie

Here at the Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue in Memphis, TN with Bernie and other great dogs. Come visit us!