Poplar Plaza Petco extends a warm welcome to great dogs

This past Saturday we were again at Poplar Plaza Petco, at Poplar & Highland, for our regular adoption event. Even though it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving … and the 2nd day of the massive shopping after Thanksgiving … we had a lot of visitors stopping by to pet our dogs and pups and, in a couple of instances, to adopt!

Adopted were Roscoe, our young male Chihuahua, and Little Boss, our recently acquired Shih Tzu. We are hoping that Lambchop, a much too cute Corgi mix, was adopted. Her potential adoptive mom needed to introduce her to the rest of the family, namely the potential adoptive dad!

Lots of other cute pics from the day. Looking below you’ll see Roscoe being chased by Buzzy and Fuzzy, the terrible twosome who are, as Lambchop, F A R too cute! They are a dynamic duo. Make sure and look at their video debut in the VodPod at the left (Buzzy and Fuzzy and a Toy) or check it out on YouTube.

Chloe is in a couple of photos – the little rats caught her attention at one point and you could tell she’d like to get one! Stretch is also pictured, getting some well-deserved one-on-one attention. Jack dances on his hind legs for a young girl.

We have a new addition to our great dogs – Portia, the schipperke. Check out her video in the VodPod at the left, as well as her YouTube debut. She’s a fabulous dancer!

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming adoption events! Check out our website for dates listed.


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