NEW Hollywood Pet at Union Ave. Mid-town

WOW!  What a grand opening for Good Dog Rescue at the new Hollywood Feed Store at it’s newest location on Union Ave. in Mid-Town… please go by and visit this wonderful staff.  Good Dog had it’s first adoption day there this Saturday.  We had 8 adoption today!  That is a wonderful number…all in one day…all in just a few hours!  Here are some pictures of the new store and our adoptions!!

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Poco is quite the hunter!

Dutch in his early days with Good Dog Rescue

Dutch in his early days with Good Dog Rescue

A couple of years ago, Good Dog Rescue had a Border Collie mix puppy named Dutch, who was pulled from the Horn Lake Shelter. Such a young puppy, Dutch still had puppy breath!

Well, as we hope for all our great dogs and puppies, Dutch was adopted by a very caring family. His dad, Jason, sends us this update.

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Poco (the dog we adopted from you almost 2 years ago).  He is happy and at home on our 10 acres in Central Louisiana.  He is the best dog.

 I want to thank you for the opportunity to adopt him.  Life wouldn’t be the same without him.  He is unbelievably smart.  He has a natural knack for treeing squirrels and retrieving.  I took him squirrel hunting on his 2nd birthday and he loved it!  Here are some pics.

Poco loves going hunting

Poco loves going hunting


Poco wonders "What ARE those things?"
Poco wonders “What ARE those things?”