Bernie is looking for love … and a home

Bernie is a fabulous Collie mix who ended up as a stray at the Memphis Animal Shelter, one of our area’s high kill shelters. The photographer told us that Bernie pressed himself up against the front of the cage as far and hard as he could, so that you couldn’t possibly miss him. We rescued him from the shelter, so he’s safe from being euthanized.

But now Bernie is looking for his forever home. He’d be content with a great foster home that could give him the attention he is so deserving of. He is a medium-sized Collie mix who is energetic, inquisitive, and attentive. He seems to very much want to please any human that comes close. Such a loving young dog.

Have a look at Bernie’s Glog – he’s hoping to find a home soon, as it’s getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and he’s got a lot of loving warmth to share! Contact Lisa at if you have questions about adopting or fostering Bernie!

Bernie's Glog

Bernie's Glog


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