Ziggy finds Snow at his first Christmas in Wisconsin

Ziggy when he was with Good Dog Rescue

Ziggy when he was with Good Dog Rescue

Ziggy was an adorable wirehaired terrier mix that Good Dog Rescue rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter. He was very personable and had obviously been someone’s pet, even though he ended up being in the shelter as a stray. This, unfortunately, is the fate of a LOT of animals (and one of the reasons that microchipping is such a great idea!).

Well, Ziggy got adopted by Joanna and Mike. They promptly renamed him Baxter!

The family – Joanna, Mike, and Baxter – took a little road trip for the holidays and sent Mama Lisa (Good Dog Rescue founder) a note and some pictures showing their fun time.

Dear Lisa –
It’s me Baxter!  (You used to call me Ziggy).   I just spent my first
Christmas with my adopted family.   We went to this place called
Wisconsin.  There was this cold white stuff all over the ground.  In
some places it was deeper than I am tall, but it was so MUCH FUN!   I
also made new dog friends and human friends who spoiled me.   IT WAS
AWESOME!  I’ve attached some pictures to show you how much fun I had.

Happy New Year!
Baxter, Joanna , and Mike

Click on any of the pics below to be taken to their larger image. Looks like Baxter and family had a FABULOUS time in Wisconsin’s snow. Thanks for keeping us up to date with our dear Ziggy … er, Baxter!

christmas-08-009-2 christmas-08-018

Mike, Joanna, and Baxter

Mike, Joanna, and Baxter


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