Timid Lolly finds forever happiness in her new home

If you’re an extremely quiet and excruciatingly timid young dog, what do you most want?

Someone who’ll understand your quirkiness and realize that you’re not saying THEY’RE not good or nice, but who’ll realize that you just need time and patience.

Our young Dachshund/Spaniel mix, Lolly, needed a very patient and dedicated home that would understand she is not a dog that was going to run to greet you the first day she was in your home.

She found her forever home with Delaine, where she’s now best buddies with doggie siblings Olive and Casi.

Delaine recently sent us an update and new pics of Lolly, who’s had a name change to Lily.

While visiting the grand opening of the Hollywood Feed in Cordova, I was taken by the one little timid dog just lying quietly in her kennel.  Cute little black dog with tan eye brows, nose and feet.  After a half hour of “bonding” in the store, she finally let me walk her around a bit … so I agreed to foster her.  Now she’s happy in her forever home with sisters Olive and Casi.

Thanks Good Dog.

Thanks, Delaine, for fostering … and then failing Fostering 101 … and adopting our Lolly. She looks to be enjoying herself in your great home!


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