On a *C*O*L*D* Saturday in January …

… Good Dog Rescue went to the Union Avenue Hollywood Feed Store with several of our great dogs and puppies. There were new ones and ones who’ve been with us for a bit. Included in the mix were Lindsey, Gizmo, Talbot, Fuzzy Fred, Basil, Toby, Lizzy, and Rocky (among others).

We found out that Toby can really relax, in spite of whatever’s going on around him!

We saw that Lindsey and Fuzzy Fred are great greeters and can do door duty anytime!

We saw that folks who came in were taken with Lizzy, Talbot, and Basil (among others).

And we were able to get several applications on some of our dogs.

All-in-all, a pretty quiet day. No doubt the after-the-holiday downturn.

We hope to see lots of folks at next week’s adoption event – Cordova Hollywood Feed, 1001 N. Germantown Rd., Cordova, TN from 1pm-4pm.

If you can, join some of our volunteers tomorrow, Sunday, January 18, at the opening of Hotel for Dogs at the Cordova Malco Theater. They’ll be there from 12noon-3pm answering your questions and giving out some information on Good Dog Rescue.


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