Help us help them…

Tyler is heartworm positive

Tyler is heartworm positive

At least six of our GOOD DOGS need YOUR to help for their heartworm treatments.  Heartworm is a parasite that attacks the cardiac muscle, causing blockages, symptoms such as lethargy, coughing and ultimately death of the afflicted dog.

Pretty Boy, Tyler (see photo right), Coco Chanel, Bree, Farley, and Speaker all must be treated for heartworms.  This treatment ranges in cost from $100 to $200 per animal, dependent on the size of the animal and the severity of the parasitic infestation.

Additionally, heartworm positive dogs spend up to 90 additional days in foster care recuperating from the infestation, before they can be adopted into loving homes.  This extended stay means GOOD DOG RESCUE cannot take in other dogs until foster space opens up.

Adoption fees for GOOD DOGS range from $125 to $150, which includes their spay/neuter, their vaccinations, and their rabies shots.  So, when we have a dog that must also receive treatment for heartworms, instantly, the dog’s adoption fee covers less than half of the medical bills for the animal.  Please note, EVERY heartworm positive dog taken into GOOD DOG RESCUE receives treatment.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Excellent question!

First, you can help by donating funds to cover all or a portion of a heartworm treatment for one of these very deserving GOOD DOGS.

Secondly, you can foster a dog during its treatment.  There is NO EASIER foster than a dog recuperating from heartworms.  They must be confined to crate rest and can only be let out to go potty ON LEAD.  Since they feel kind of lousy, they’re generally quiet and sleep a lot…IN THEIR CRATE, so they are NO TROUBLE at all to foster.

Please help a GOOD DOG recover from heartworms by sponsoring his/her medical treatment and/or fostering during recuperation.


Memphis’s best kept secret

Trebek was on short time at Memphis Animal Services when he caught the eye of foster mom, Julie.  To say that Julie is fond of terrier types is an understatement and she quickly obtaind permission from Good Dog Director, Lisa to adopt the handsome, friendly Jack Russell.  trebek-23

As you can tell, Julie is a Jeopardy fan and this handsome boy got a famous name.  Trebek is amazing.  He came into his foster home perfectly housetrained and has not had the first accident.  He is very playful – with others or self-entertains (and entertains foster mom, Julie) by clowning around with his toys, tossing them high in the air and catching them again.  He’s quite the talented fella.  Trebek loves kids, other dogs and all people who come his way.  He is not a good candidate for a home with cats.