Home at last for Denver Nugget

Denver Nugget’s very first adoption event was also his last

The Lynches LOVE Denver Nugget

The Lynches LOVE Denver Nugget

….his adoptive family, Mary Ann and Tim Lynch, came to meet Jacques, but could not resist the golden goodness they found in Denver.   Their former dog was lost to cardiac disease at a ripe old age and they were looking for a smaller dog who loves to ride in cars, loves to play and go on walks and loves just to hang out with his people.   Upon exiting the crate to meet the Lynches, Denver promptly rolled over to demand some belly rubs and then proceed to charm the Lynches right into signing the dotted line of the adoption agreement.  He took them shopping for a new leash, harness, collar, bed and crate….before jumping into the pretty red SUV and heading home.   Mary Ann called Denver’s foster mom today to report that they had spent Sunday afternoon at Shelby farms, where Denver continued to wow his new mom and dad with his good manners and abilities to keep up with them off lead as well as on lead.  Congratulations, Mary Ann and Tim….you’re little bit of gold is a treasure indeed.


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