From the Bootheel to the High Life

inez-shorty Shorty went to his first ever adoption event on Saturday at Wags and Whiskers in east Memphis.  Inez and Paul Thomas strolled in and fell in love.  They came to the Petco event the next day and opted to take Shorty home for a little trial visit.  Still, Inez wanted to make sure she was making the best decision for Shorty.  Well, come Monday, she called Julie bright and early to say…WE WANT HIM….and so, look what greeted Short–now renamed ROSCOE LEE…when he arrived HOME for good .  no-sharing-necessary-in-the-new-homeahthat-is-the-spot


One Response

  1. Hi,
    I was Shorty’s (Roscoe Lee’s) Missouri foster mom before he went to Memphis.
    I think his new name suits him perfectly!
    He was the sweetest boy! I’m so happy he’s found a wonderful home and I hope he brings years of joy to your family.
    Give Roscoe a big hug for me and tell him P-Lo and Whisper miss playing with him.
    Way to go Roscoe! We’re all so happy for you.

    Sherrie, P-Lo, and Whisper

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