Wink travels in style to her Indiana family

Wink, the little Spitz/Pomeranian mix puppy left this morning early, bound for her new home with the Ganzel’s in Cedar Lake, IN. Finding a transport almost proved to be the deal breaker, but miracle of miracles, a fellow rescue friend, Susan Hall was driving from Memphis to Chicago, along HWY 57, which is 20 minutes from where Lavonne Ganzel works. Wink arrived around 3 p.m. and got to go back to work with Lavonne.  When asked if she was happy, Lavonne responded with tears and laughter and a resounding YES!

The Ganzel’s have been looking for a second pet for quite some time. Their other dog is also a spitz mix and they love the breed. Lavonne had spent the day home in bed sick when foster mom Julie called with the amazing news that not only had a transport been found, but it was someone Good Dog Rescue knows and would be coming on Friday, the 27th. wink-1

No longer do the  miles separate Wink and the Ganzels. Doesn’t she have a great fur coat for the snowy Indiana winters?


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