Rocky Sanders Jolie-Pitt fits into his blended family

rocky-griffonOur Brussels Griffon, Rocky, has found himself a fabulous family with the Sanders.

Little did Dee Sanders know when she popped into the Hollywood Feed on Central Ave. that she would end up Mom to a fourth baby!! At that point she was Mom to Misha age 12, Midge (a rescue) age 9 and Clement age 6….so she stopped in to buy dog food. Good Dog Rescue was there…one of the volunteers was holding Rocky, a 4 year old Brussels Griffon…..their eyes met and that was that!!

Dee went home…worked her magic on the Dad of the family, Bob…and the next morning called Lisa and asked if she would bring Rocky for a visit. The whole family fell in love, well….Clement (a male Maltese) is working on “love”…he is at “acceptance” now!

Since they are a family with a white, black, brown and now red dog….they jokingly refer to Rocky as Rocky Sanders Jolie-Pitt!  Bob and Dee were going to New Orleans the next week so they were able to bring two dogs back to Good Dog from Baton Rouge….Scotty and Ellie….two more great dogs to find homes for!

Thanks, Dee and family, for opening your home up to a great young dog *and* for helping out even more dogs by providing transport for Scotty and Ellie.

Dee and Rocky

Dee and Rocky


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