It’s getting to be spring and good dogs and puppies are in the mood!

On a nice and warm spring-like day in March, March 7th, 2009 to be precise, Real Good Dog Rescue took several of our dogs and puppies to Hollywood Feed at 2015 Union Avenue and set up for an adoption. We had a lot of fun and our dogs and puppies were in great moods as folks stopped by to pet them, cuddle them, and, in some cases, adopt them!

Adopted yesterday or earlier this week were Happy Hal, Hootie, Ozzie, Sarge, Stretch, and Wrigley. What a great time of year to be adopting your forever friend … a time of renewal, when the grass and flowers begin growing in the yard, and when the longer days are here for great walks and playtime.

Thanks to everyone who came by yesterday to meet our dogs and puppies. Thanks to Hollywood Feed, Union Avenue location, for providing such a great venue for our adoption event. Have a look at our happy faces! Clicking on any of them will take you to a larger picture.


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