Ollie returns for a visit

Ollie and Anne

Ollie and Anne

We rescued Ollie, a Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix, from the Memphis Animal Shelter about 9 months ago. She then weighed about 35 lbs. Founder, Lisa, said it was love at first sight when she spied Ollie at the shelter.

Ollie was adopted by Anne Bass in May 2008 and has found doggie heaven! Anne stopped by Hollywood Feed @ Union Avenue yesterday with Ollie to show us how she was doing.

As you can see, Ollie is slightly more than 35 lbs now! She is a very happy young dog who loves to give hugs and kisses. According to Anne, Ollie’s favorite evening position is when her person is on the couch, Ollie gets up beside her and gets on her back, placing her head in Anne’s lap.

Ollie loves romping in her large backyard and enjoys finding squirrels to meet and greet! She and Anne go on walks and Ollie has play dates with a neighbor’s dog, Diogi.

We were excited when Ollie got adopted (read here) and we were so excited to see Ollie yesterday again. Thanks, Anne, for staying in touch.

We invite all of you who’ve adopted dogs or puppies from us to send us your pictures and updates or to stop by any of our upcoming adoption events. We’d love to hear about how all in the family are doing.


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