From stuck on a junk pile to chasing butterflies and playing with a new sister, Checkers is living THE life!

A few months ago, Kim Fike graciously saved a dog named Bandit from his life on a chain in a lot  full of junk. He didn’t seem to be guarding it … he was only 8-10 months old and was very mild-mannered. We found this fabulous Border Collie, English Springer Spaniel posted on Craigs List as Checkers.

Shortly after Real Good Dog Rescue got involved and posted this young boy, Jesse Taylor saw him and knew he needed to give this fabulous dog his forever home. These pics show Checkers, now called Takoda, playing with his new sister Tallulah, formerly Barbie, who was also adopted from Real Good Dog Rescue!

So, whether or not you’re able to keep up with the name changes (Bandit to Checkers to Takoda and Barbie to Tallulah), you can certainly agree that these two dogs are having a great time with dad, Jesse.


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