Evergreen Historic Home Tour ~ Adoption Day

On a beautiful spring day, the breeze was gently moving the trees along Evergreen Street. Many people were out walking and enjoying the day. Looking at wonderful historic homes made in the 1800’s. Good Dog Rescue was there with tent, sweet dogs, and several volunteers, just waiting for the crowds to come by and visit our great loving dogs. The dogs were ready for someone to call out to them…”I will adopt this loving dog”. Here are some photos for you see the wonderful time we all had.

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Long Day!!


Ellie’s off to Utah and her new home!

Real Good Dog Rescue volunteers Jerry and Cindy Russell were headed to Salt Lake City, UT for a conference and then a trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. What better way to start the trip than to serve as the chauffeurs for Ellie, the 45# bearded collie who stole the hearts of Mitchel and Sheralee Patrick from across this thing called the Internet.

Ellie was able to ride as checked baggage on the Delta flight direct from Memphis to Salt Lake City. A 3.5 hour flight!

Well, Ellie came thru the ride like a true trooper. She was very happy to be out of her kennel when she got to Salt Lake City. Then, when she spied Mitch, she went right to him, just as if she’d always known him. Certainly as if she knew he would keep her safe in a new home … forever.

Have a look at some of Ellie’s departing pics. What a wonderful feeling to see such a GOOD dog get such a GREAT home! Thanks, Mitchel and Sheralee, for adopting her.

Upcoming Adoption Events for this weekend

Join the volunteers of Real Good Dog Rescue as we have a special double day adoption event this weekend.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Wags & Whiskers

5101 Sanderlin

Memphis, TN

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Evergreen Historic Home Tour

1862 Overton Park

Memphis, TN

We’ll have a great variety of our adoptable dogs and puppies at these events. Hope to see you too! Continue reading

Hollywood Feed Saw Some GREAT Adoptions!

There was a little healthy competition among the 2 sites for Real Good Dog Rescue’s adoption events on Saturday, April 18, 2009. While volunteers at Magnolia “took credit” for Pip’s adoption, the volunteers at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue had lots more adoptions going on!

Pip was adopted by the Easterwood family. They were very thoughtful in their adoption process, coming first to Magnolia and checking out Lindsey, Prince, and others. Pip had really attracted their attention from the website, so they drove to Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue to see him. Mom reports that it was love at first sight for Pip and their son. A real connection. We wish them many happy and healthy years together.

The family of Shawn McGhee, owners of Hollywood Feed, were smitten with Fudge and Peppermint Patty and adopted the both of them! Two kids and two pups … sort of rounds out a family, doesn’t it?

Lizzy found her forever home with Mr. Wyndham, the owner of Dixie Fence in Memphis. We know that Lizzy will be safe in her new home with a fine fence to make sure she never wanders off.

Finally, yet another one of our volunteers failed Fostering 101. Emmy has been fostering Speaker for quite some time while getting some weight on him so he could undergo heartworm treatment. She’s had some discussions with several other volunteers about her love for Speaker and how she didn’t know if she’d be able to let him go to another family. Finally Emmy decided that she was okay with failing (at fostering 101) and she adopted Speaker.

Whew … sounds like a busy 4 hours at Hollywood Feed … have a look at these fabulous pics that document the fun for those of us who weren’t there!

A Busy Pre-Rain Adoption Day for Real Good Dog Rescue

Real Good Dog Rescue volunteers came out in full force today as we had two simultaneous events! We had our usual 3rd Saturday at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue. Then we also went east to Magnolia Kennels for a special event (see the earlier post).We were concerned we might have some nasty weather, but thankfully the downpour didn’t occur till a few hours after both events concluded.

Lots of folks stopped by, staff from Magnolia Kennels were out in full force and even grilled some hot dogs, and the weather was absolutely fabulous for our 4 hours outdoors. Pip was adopted (family promises to send story/pics for the blog) and several adoption applications were completed.

Next weekend is another double adoption event weekend. On Saturday, 4/25/09, we’ll be at Wags & Whiskers, 5101 Sanderlin, from 11a-3p. Then, on Sunday, 4/26/09, we’ll be under a tent at the Evergreen Historic Home Tour, 1862 Overton Park, from 1p-5p. We hope you can join us for one or both of these events if you’re looking to adopt a great dog or puppy.

We had some great pics from today’s event at Magnolia Kennels. Have a look … maybe you’ll see YOUR next dog!

Double Adoption Event this coming weekend – come join us!

In addition to our usual Hollywood Feed Union Avenue event on Saturday, 4/18/09, we will be holding a special adoption event at Magnolia Kennels. When we have an overabundance of dogs and too few foster homes, we sometimes need to use Magnolia Kennels as a temporary home. We’re looking forward to having a fun time at Magnolia – more details later. But, for now, here’s our flyer … come join us at one or the other of our Saturday events!

Kramer meets cousin George

Paula Sisco was a fan of Kramer’s from the first moment she spied him online. She decided she had to adopt this sweet little boy and give him a chance at a home life that he was so in need of. She sends us this update on Kramer’s weekend excursion.

We took Kramer this weekend to meet his cousin George who lives in Collierville. Kramer behaved very well and never got aggressive.  He has calmed down considerably. Saturday he slept a lot during the day.  I have started taking him walking in the mornings and the afternoons. He’s getting better on the leash.  Still needs work, but he’s better… Plus, he zips around the back yard a lot.  He doesn’t like to go out by himself, so I have to stand out there with him.  Sometimes he has to be bribed to come inside.  Everything is a game to him.  He is so much fun.   So he’s getting a lot of exercise, and so am I. He has become quite a Mama’s boy…sleeping with me, and cuddling in my lap a lot.  This dog just needed some loving.

I’m glad you rescued him from the pound. And I’m glad I found him.  He’s perfect…….well, not yet, but he’s so much better than he was when I first met him.
Thanks, Paula

Have a look at these fabulous pics. This is what we wish for all our adopters. It’s what keeps we volunteers going when we don’t see an end to the plight of all good dogs who just need to find their right, safe, forever home.

Thanks, Paula, for adopting one of our great dogs. Please keep us updated on Kramer’s goings on in the future!