Kramer meets cousin George

Paula Sisco was a fan of Kramer’s from the first moment she spied him online. She decided she had to adopt this sweet little boy and give him a chance at a home life that he was so in need of. She sends us this update on Kramer’s weekend excursion.

We took Kramer this weekend to meet his cousin George who lives in Collierville. Kramer behaved very well and never got aggressive.  He has calmed down considerably. Saturday he slept a lot during the day.  I have started taking him walking in the mornings and the afternoons. He’s getting better on the leash.  Still needs work, but he’s better… Plus, he zips around the back yard a lot.  He doesn’t like to go out by himself, so I have to stand out there with him.  Sometimes he has to be bribed to come inside.  Everything is a game to him.  He is so much fun.   So he’s getting a lot of exercise, and so am I. He has become quite a Mama’s boy…sleeping with me, and cuddling in my lap a lot.  This dog just needed some loving.

I’m glad you rescued him from the pound. And I’m glad I found him.  He’s perfect…….well, not yet, but he’s so much better than he was when I first met him.
Thanks, Paula

Have a look at these fabulous pics. This is what we wish for all our adopters. It’s what keeps we volunteers going when we don’t see an end to the plight of all good dogs who just need to find their right, safe, forever home.

Thanks, Paula, for adopting one of our great dogs. Please keep us updated on Kramer’s goings on in the future!


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