Hollywood Feed Saw Some GREAT Adoptions!

There was a little healthy competition among the 2 sites for Real Good Dog Rescue’s adoption events on Saturday, April 18, 2009. While volunteers at Magnolia “took credit” for Pip’s adoption, the volunteers at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue had lots more adoptions going on!

Pip was adopted by the Easterwood family. They were very thoughtful in their adoption process, coming first to Magnolia and checking out Lindsey, Prince, and others. Pip had really attracted their attention from the website, so they drove to Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue to see him. Mom reports that it was love at first sight for Pip and their son. A real connection. We wish them many happy and healthy years together.

The family of Shawn McGhee, owners of Hollywood Feed, were smitten with Fudge and Peppermint Patty and adopted the both of them! Two kids and two pups … sort of rounds out a family, doesn’t it?

Lizzy found her forever home with Mr. Wyndham, the owner of Dixie Fence in Memphis. We know that Lizzy will be safe in her new home with a fine fence to make sure she never wanders off.

Finally, yet another one of our volunteers failed Fostering 101. Emmy has been fostering Speaker for quite some time while getting some weight on him so he could undergo heartworm treatment. She’s had some discussions with several other volunteers about her love for Speaker and how she didn’t know if she’d be able to let him go to another family. Finally Emmy decided that she was okay with failing (at fostering 101) and she adopted Speaker.

Whew … sounds like a busy 4 hours at Hollywood Feed … have a look at these fabulous pics that document the fun for those of us who weren’t there!


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