Ellie’s off to Utah and her new home!

Real Good Dog Rescue volunteers Jerry and Cindy Russell were headed to Salt Lake City, UT for a conference and then a trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. What better way to start the trip than to serve as the chauffeurs for Ellie, the 45# bearded collie who stole the hearts of Mitchel and Sheralee Patrick from across this thing called the Internet.

Ellie was able to ride as checked baggage on the Delta flight direct from Memphis to Salt Lake City. A 3.5 hour flight!

Well, Ellie came thru the ride like a true trooper. She was very happy to be out of her kennel when she got to Salt Lake City. Then, when she spied Mitch, she went right to him, just as if she’d always known him. Certainly as if she knew he would keep her safe in a new home … forever.

Have a look at some of Ellie’s departing pics. What a wonderful feeling to see such a GOOD dog get such a GREAT home! Thanks, Mitchel and Sheralee, for adopting her.


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