Poplar Plaza Petco Provides Plenty of People to Pet Pups

A little alliteration on a Sunday afternoon isn’t a bad thing, is it? Especially after our rescue group has had a great adoption weekend (3 events in 2 days)!

Today’s event was at our favorite Petco at Poplar and Highland. We always enjoy the staff and the clients of the store make our dogs feel welcome.

Adopted today was Sebastian, the 3rd of 4 siblings we fondly call the “Tipton Pups.” He went to a great home with a couple of other grown big dogs who can teach him the ropes as he grows. And he WILL grow!

Millie went for a home visit and we’re crossing our fingers that she’ll work out well.

The adoption for Blosssom was finalized.

Bridgette joined us. We’ve had her for just a little bit – she had a litter of pups about 10 weeks ago (before we got her) and she’s in her shedding phase now … so everyone had a coat of dog hair on them. She’s starting to slow down in her normal post-partum hair loss. She is truly a fabulous young dog. Keep watch on our website for when we post her for adoption.

We had several other of our dogs and puppies join us. Enjoy the pictures below. Join us at next week’s adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue from 11am-3pm Saturday, June 6.

HollyWood Pet Store~Adoptions

This beautiful Saturday brought out a few visitors to the Hollywood Store on Union. The day was fun with all the dogs and volunteers. Rose was adopted today and several were considered. Here are a few pictures of the “Good Dogs” that were at the store today.  Good Dog Rescue also had another adoption event at “Wags and Whiskers” on Sanderlin today.  Tomorrow we will be at Petco on Poplar and Highland from 1-4….come by and see us!


Rose gets adopted!


Meet Penelope ... she's sweet!


Bailey's first adoption event ... isn't he cute?


Lil Mo gets some well-deserved attention and love.


Raggedy Andy is even cuter than his namesake.


Twitter is ready to do what he does best - network!


One of our "Tipton pups" who's looking for a home.


Another of our "Tipton pups" looking for a FURever home.


Junior is new with us ... and another sweetie!

Blackie & JW…love at first sight

Blackie, Good Dog’s 3 1/2 year old Chihuahua mix caught the eye Blackie a1of Annitta Pryor this week.  She completed an application for her Dad, J. W. Bailey, who is retired and lives in Pinson, TN.  Well, the application contained the sentence ‘and she could go on car rides as often as she likes’ caught the eye of foster mom, Julie.  You see, Blackie LOVES to go everywhere with her person.  Why, her foster mom calls her the BEST METHODIST Chihuahua in Memphis because she jumped in the truck on Sunday mornings when Julie was on her way to church.  And WOULD NOT get out…LOL…

Anyway, J. W. called Tuesday to set up a meet and greet with Blackie.  She had him at first wag….and J. W. quickly found Blackie’s sweet scratch spot just above her tail.  She closed her eyes and wagged and I swear, she smiled at J. W. 

Blackie a3

J. W. stopped by his daughter’s Memphis home on the way back to Pinson and his granddaughter, Krystal quickly found two outfits to send home with Blackie.  Krystal has a new camera and has promised to blog here regularly to let us know how Blackie’s new life is going.  Welcome into the GOOD DOG family, J. W., Annitta, and Krystal…we can’t wait to hear from you all.

A Memorial Day Celebration at Memphis Jewish Community Center’s Aquatic Park Yields Homes for Two Great Dogs

Our second adoption event of the weekend was Sunday, May 25, 2009 at the Memphis Jewish Community Center. They brought out their tent, tables, and chairs and provided some great space to showcase Real Good Dog Rescue’s great dogs and puppies.

Even though the day saw showers from time to time, they were temporary and fleeting, and the Aquatic Park had lots of visitors. That meant that our dogs and puppies likewise had a lot of visitors.

We always have a great time with Lauren Carr, the Assistant Wellness Director at the Jewish Community Center. She is a true friend of these rescued animals who are in need of a home. She seemed to know everyone who passed by yesterday and was instrumental in getting most of them to stop by and pet one of our deserving dogs or puppies. Thanks much, Lauren!

Adopted as a result of Sunday’s event were Lola, the Maltese/Poodle mix, and Pretty Boy, the Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix. They both put on their sweetest faces and sold themselves to their prospective adopters. We wish dogs and humans well as they begin their life of joy and happiness that a loving four-legged critter can provide.

All the Real Good Dog Rescue volunteers, dogs, and puppies hope all have a great Memorial Day. We hope you enjoy our pics below.

Miss Cordelia’s Welcomes Real Good Dog Rescue to Harbor Town – Thank you!!!

Real Good Dog Rescue sometimes has the opportunity to showcase our great dogs and puppies at various events in Memphis and Shelby County. Yesterday we were fortunate to be invited to Miss Cordelia’s in Harbor Town. Miss Cordelia’s has a reputation for friendliness and having high standards in all they do – so they were a logical fit with our rescue group! The weather was breezy, even though the temperature was warm and starting into the humid days of Memphis in the summer. But equipped with our trusty tent and plenty of shade and water, Real Good Dog Rescue had an inviting spot for visitors.

We had a lot of folks stopping by. Some wanted to pet, hold, and walk our great dogs. Some had dogs of their own and wanted them to make the acquaintance of our dogs. A couple of folks even decided to become adopters (or foster to adopt)! What a great day!

Adopted were two of our four puppies we refer to as the “Tipton Pups” because they came to us from Tipton County. We had 2 boys and 2 girls – now we have 1 boy and 1 girl left. We hope some of our readers have a penchant for puppies and will help out these 2 remaining youthful, healthy, and happy puppies. Placed in a foster to adopt situation was our friend Sarge. He went home with a family that had 2 young boys who can help Sarge get his well-deserved exercise. We hope they enjoy Sarge as much as our volunteers enjoy him and will decide to “fail fostering 101” with a whole lot of our volunteers!

Speaking of failing fostering 101, we had another of those events consummated yesterday. One of our volunteers who was fostering Erin decided to formally adopt her. Fabulous!

Enjoy the pics below. Clicking on any of them will take you to a larger version. Today, weather permitting, we are at the Memphis Jewish Community Center from 1-4pm for our 2nd adoption event of the weekend. If you missed us yesterday, come check us out today. If we are rained out today, Monday is the backup day.

New dogs and puppies join us at Saturday’s adoption event

Yesterday’s adoption event was a two-location one. While one band of Real Good Dog Rescue (RGDR) volunteers showed up at our normal 3rd Saturday location at Hollywood Feed, 2013 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN, a second group went to Wags and Whiskers, 5101 Sanderlin in Memphis. We had lots of people coming in to see our great dogs and puppies at both locations.

We were joined by some new dogs and puppies whose bios we’ll be posting shortly. These included Emeril, the 2yo male Schnauzer/Poodle mix, Pokie, the 1yo Jack Russell Terrier, Whitley, the 4yo Poodle/Terrier mix, and Chippy Girl, the 5-6 month Lab/Shepherd mix. Along with some of our existing pack, we had our hands full!

Dr. Jennifer Clay of Utopia Animal Hospital in Memphis, TN joined us to check out our new additions, give puppy shots to Brad, Jennifer, and Angelina, and make sure that all were happy and healthy. We thank her for taking time from a Saturday to provide services to these worthy dogs and puppies.

We are having a half-price Internet special on many of our pets who are males, older, and/or have been with us greater than three months. We hope this will help folks who have been interested in our great dogs but needed something to jolt them to action! Have a look at our Real Good Dog Rescue website or adoptable dog/puppy listing for details.

Hope you enjoy these pics from yesterday’s event!

Senior Dogs make Great Companions!

If you’re looking for a pet who’s already housetrained, quiet, docile, and able to be alone while you or your family is out of the house at work or school, please consider one of our older pets.

These mostly aged 6-9 year old pets make excellent companions, yet they are often overlooked by folks who are considering adopting. They ask so very little of their person, but give so very much of themselves when they realize they’ve got a great thing going (after a sometimes not so very good life).

Here are some of our more senior dogs. Check out their biographies and more pics for each of them by clicking on the links below.

Real Good Dog Rescue's Senior Dogs

Real Good Dog Rescue's Senior Dogs