It’s raining dogs & puppies … and adoptions!

Our usual 1st Saturday at Hollywood Feed, 2015 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN was a downpour … of dogs as well as rain! What a start to the day! Lots of rain to start and end our adoption event. But we were wonderfully pleased with the turnout of dogs, fosters, and potential adopters.

Adopted today were Redd Foxx, Coco Chanel, and Smokey Joe. We took applications on some other dogs, including one on Mopsy. This great young couple came in and were taken with Mopsy as soon as they saw him, and he with them. He was wriggling around and getting his belly rubbed. Happily, for the young couple, they just moved into their new home and are getting the place remodeled. In addition, they are getting married in 3 weeks, with family coming from all over to stay with them, and then they have a honeymoon. So, they couldn’t take Mopsy today … but they sure were wanting to!

We had a special guest with us today. Dr. Jen Clay offered free wellness checks to adopted dogs and $10 coupons to her clinic, Utopia. Dr. Jen was great to chat with potential adopters, adopters, and volunteers. She has a calm and gentle way, with dogs and humans alike. We hope to see her at future adoption events! Make sure and check out her clinic at 1157 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN.

Enjoy the pictures … and come join us at next week’s event at Wags ‘n Whiskers, 5101 Sanderlin Drive, Memphis, TN from 11am-3pm.


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