New dogs and puppies join us at Saturday’s adoption event

Yesterday’s adoption event was a two-location one. While one band of Real Good Dog Rescue (RGDR) volunteers showed up at our normal 3rd Saturday location at Hollywood Feed, 2013 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN, a second group went to Wags and Whiskers, 5101 Sanderlin in Memphis. We had lots of people coming in to see our great dogs and puppies at both locations.

We were joined by some new dogs and puppies whose bios we’ll be posting shortly. These included Emeril, the 2yo male Schnauzer/Poodle mix, Pokie, the 1yo Jack Russell Terrier, Whitley, the 4yo Poodle/Terrier mix, and Chippy Girl, the 5-6 month Lab/Shepherd mix. Along with some of our existing pack, we had our hands full!

Dr. Jennifer Clay of Utopia Animal Hospital in Memphis, TN joined us to check out our new additions, give puppy shots to Brad, Jennifer, and Angelina, and make sure that all were happy and healthy. We thank her for taking time from a Saturday to provide services to these worthy dogs and puppies.

We are having a half-price Internet special on many of our pets who are males, older, and/or have been with us greater than three months. We hope this will help folks who have been interested in our great dogs but needed something to jolt them to action! Have a look at our Real Good Dog Rescue website or adoptable dog/puppy listing for details.

Hope you enjoy these pics from yesterday’s event!


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