Poplar Plaza Petco Provides Plenty of People to Pet Pups

A little alliteration on a Sunday afternoon isn’t a bad thing, is it? Especially after our rescue group has had a great adoption weekend (3 events in 2 days)!

Today’s event was at our favorite Petco at Poplar and Highland. We always enjoy the staff and the clients of the store make our dogs feel welcome.

Adopted today was Sebastian, the 3rd of 4 siblings we fondly call the “Tipton Pups.” He went to a great home with a couple of other grown big dogs who can teach him the ropes as he grows. And he WILL grow!

Millie went for a home visit and we’re crossing our fingers that she’ll work out well.

The adoption for Blosssom was finalized.

Bridgette joined us. We’ve had her for just a little bit – she had a litter of pups about 10 weeks ago (before we got her) and she’s in her shedding phase now … so everyone had a coat of dog hair on them. She’s starting to slow down in her normal post-partum hair loss. She is truly a fabulous young dog. Keep watch on our website for when we post her for adoption.

We had several other of our dogs and puppies join us. Enjoy the pictures below. Join us at next week’s adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue from 11am-3pm Saturday, June 6.


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