A Good Dog Rescue Adoptee is a Therapy Dog

Poor Jacque was just another dog who was surrendered to the Memphis Animal shelter by an owner who simply stated they could “no longer keep.”

Well, Trish and Ron Adams saw a lot in little Jacque. They adopted him, changed his name to Jocko, and now has a job!

Here’s an update from Trish and Ron:

We love  our little Jocko. He gives more love everyday and is always happy. I started taking him to see my mother at the nursing home and now they have ASKED him to be their therapy dog! We are so pleased with him and we can tell how much he loves his new home with us.

Nothing seems to bother him….wheelchairs, walkers and laundry carts. He just accepts everything and everybody. Just wanted  you to know how much we love him and the joy he brings us and others.

Good Dog Rescue volunteers so appreciate seeing Jocko in his new role of helping others. It’s amazing that he went from being close to euthanized at one of the high rate kill shelters in the area to now giving love and joy back to others. Thanks, Trish and Ron, for all you’ve done for this great dog!


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