Great Dogs Enjoying the Beach with their Family

Mister and Chica were adopted by the Napper family; Mister in 2007 and Chica in 2008. The family has since renamed them: Mister is Milton and Chica is Rosie. The names really look to fit them as they’ve matured.
On behalf of the family, Kimberly Napper sends this update on Milton and Rosie, along with some great pics of the 2 of them at the beach (Rosie is black and white, Milton is the “sandy” colored one).
Thank you & all of the foster families & workers who make adoptions possible! We LOVE our dogs, Milton & Rosie. Milton (aka “Mister”) came to us in 2007 & Rosie (aka “Chica”) in 2008. They love each other so much, & they are a wonderful addition to our family. I’m attaching a few pictures of them at the beach during our family vacation this year.
Thanks for showing us what great times these two had on the family vacation! Good Dog Rescue founder, Lisa, loves the beach herself and was picturing herself right there with these two fabulous dogs who’ve been given a new lease (?leash?) on life by the Napper family!

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