Worth the wait….

is what Dash would say about his new family, the McKinnons, pictured here (sans Dad, Leonard):


Dash was found stray in February by a caring dog lover who posted a plea for help on Craigslist.  Adopters took him but didn’t keep him and he ended up in a local animal control facility.  Good Dog founder accepted the stray in need, now named Dash,  into the rescue, but there was no open foster space and he was placed in a boarding kennel.  This setting drove the young, active dog nuts, causing him to act up at the adoption event he attended.  Hearing of his plight, one of the volunteers heard about Dash’s dilemma and moved him into her pack.  There Dash bloomed into the perfect dog he was meant to be.  He took two baby puppies under his care and mentored them into very well behaved and happy youngsters.  True to his border collie/beagle heritage, his nuturing and calm nature was a major asset in his foster home. 

When Dash went to meet his new family, the true test came when Anna, the family cat, came downstairs to meet him.  Dash, like the gentleman he is, laid down in the foyer and waited for Anna to accept him.  This impeccable behavior, par for the course with this fantastic pooch, won the family over. 

Dash joined his new family last week and, as the saying goes, pictures are worth thousands of words.


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