Pokey, now Sophie, has her adoring humans wrapped around her tiny foot

A few months back we had a cute little Jack Russell Terrier named Pokie. Well, Romona spied her and it was love at first sight. Romona adopted her, changed her name to Sophie, and sends us this update on Sophie’s new life.

Just a note to say thanks for all you and Good Dog Rescue do to bring dogs like Sophie to good homes.  We are really enjoying having Sophie here with us and our families have spoiled her quite a bit with toys, treats, outfits, beds, and bags.  She is very special to us.

Sophie likes to be outside in the backyard.  When we’re out playing with her she runs and fetches and chases us, which she really enjoys.  She also like to play hide-n-seek in the house and to chase anything that you throw.  Most of all she likes snuggling and giving free belly rubs!

She is a joy to us and makes us laugh.  We have tried to give her a good home with all the creature comforts she may have been missing. She has regular vet appointments, has been groomed and gets a regular shampoo.  She also has a prescription for her skin allergies, which we fill regularly.  Sophie has gained weight and is now at 14 lbs!  She gets a regular walk each day for about 45 minutes through our neighborhood, which she looks forward to.  There have been a few bad days, but overall she has been just a sweetheart.

Thanks so much for making her available to come into our lives!  I’ve attached some pictures, so you can see how she is doing.

Thanks, Romona, to you and your family for giving our deserving Pokie such a fabulous life. It sounds as if she’s living in the lap of luxury!


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