Emeril, now Barney, passes the Century Mark!

In Spring 2009, Good Dog Rescue had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of some dogs who were about to be euthanized at the Pocahantas Animal Shelter. Emeril and Whitley were two of those sweet ones. They both had their problems. Emeril came to us laden with ticks and Whitley was heartworm positive.

Well, all turned out okay, thanks to Jan and Dave Stevens. They sent us an update recently – note that Emeril’s new name is Barney and Whitley’s new name is Daisy.

I am pleased to inform you that Barney has completed his first one hundred miles of daily walks.  And he’s loved every minute of it.  And how many minutes do you ask?  It totaled 36 hours.  We have a 1.2-mile route that takes us 25 minutes.  It’s just the right distance and just the right amount of time.  FWIW, we took our very first walk on May 21st. The time and the distance have flown by. Daisy walks with us, of course. But I’ll save those details for another day and another e-mail.

Once again, Jan and I really appreciate your efforts in bringing us together with Barney and Daisy.  Know for a fact that your hard work has made a huge difference in four lives.  God bless Ya!

We’re pleased that Barney and Daisy are getting their exercise and, in so doing, helping their human get his. We’re looking forward to hearing about Daisy and getting some pics of her as well. Thanks for giving our great dogs such a fine place to settle in.


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