Good Dogs Love Woofstock!

With our dogs and volunteers, we took a step back in time to Woofstock. As the culminating event for Tennessee’s Week for the Animals, Woofstock always promises great fun with like-minded rescuers and doggies. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last year and this year met all our expectations as well.

Adopted (finalized or soon to be finalized) as a result of today’s event were Rufus, Bijou, Mackie, and Scooter. No sooner did we adopt our those 4 than we rescued 4 more who were in jeopardy of being euthanized after not being adopted from Memphis Animal Services at today’s event. Pictures of them are below, even though a couple lack names as of this moment. We should have a naming contest, shouldn’t we?

We also had some visits from 4 of our prior adopted pets. Thanks to the adopters who brought Petie, Scooter, Allie, & Tattoo for a visit. We LOVE seeing our happy adopted dogs.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to organize the event, to work with our good dogs, and to visit with us. We can’t do what we do without you!

Princess dances into her new home

Little Princess, a 5 yo Poodle mix, found herself alone in an apartment high rise when her elderly owner became ill, was hospitalized, and then had to go to a nursing home. Princess needed a new home. She did the poodle dance with her front paws, just trying to find the family who would promise to love her forever.

Well, the Keith’s saw her and fell in love with her. They came to last weekend’s adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue and finalized the adoption. Princess is looking forward to going for lots of walks with her new family.

Princess and her new family, the Keith's

Princess and her new family, the Keith's

Ruffles is Illinois Bound!

Ruffles’ copper beauty caught the eyes and heart of the Schrage family last week and before you could count one, two, three, the adoption application process was in motion.  You see, the Schrage’s are an all-cockers-all-the-time-for-a -long-time kind of family.  And they were not about to let a five hour separation stand in their way.  The Schrage’s made the 5 hour car trip down Friday, met Ruffles (see pix below), spent the night, took in Graceland, finalized the adoption and headed home on Saturday.
new familyheadbutts are fun100_5118

Thank you, Schrage family for opening your hearts and home to a GOOD DOG and for reminding us that love transcends time and distance.

Success at Wag-the-Tail Garage Sale!

Thanks to all who came out to the Big Countrywood Sale. Our “Wag-the-Tail” Garage Sale went well. Good Dog Rescue collected enough to pay off several vet bills. Thanks to all the great volunteers that helped and donated items to be sold. Good Dog Rescue would really like to thank Cindy and Jerry for letting us hold the event in their neighborhood.  The group will be planning for next year’s event to be bigger and better…so look for Good Dog Rescue Wag-the-Tail Event!

September at Memphis Farmer’s Market

Today was really a glorious day. You could feel that fall was on its way to Memphis. Even the flowers for sale at the Farmer’s Market in Downtown Memphis brought to mind a fall day.

We had several of our fabulous dogs at today’s farmer’s market. Lots of traffic and nice folks who came over to pet the pups.

A big shout out to the faculty and students of Baptist College of Health Sciences’ School of Nursing for helping us show and tend to our dogs during the event. What a great way to study “attachment”!

Here are a few pics from today’s event. Most of the dogs posted below are still available for adoption – so be sure and visit our website at to read more about them and others who are up for adoption.

Remember that next weekend, Sept. 18 & 19, we’re having a Wag the Tail Garage Sale to benefit Real Good Dog Rescue. This is being held at 2331 Carrollwood Lane, Cordova, TN, which is in the Countrywood subdivision – and Friday and Saturday, the 18th and 19th, are the dates of the H-U-G-E garage sale in our community. We’ll have a variety of things for sale, with all proceeds benefiting the rescue group and going to pay the bills we incur in our efforts to rescue and save these deserving dogs and puppies. Please come see us and make a purchase.

Good Dog Rescue LOVES referrals!

Dudley, GOOD DOG RESCUE’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pekingnes mix had been to several adoptions in recent weeks, wagging his tail and loving on every child and adult who came his way….working his considerable good looks and charm to win the hearts of his forever family. Dudley at Wags 1  But no one seemed to fall for this little guy’s sweet, toothy smile and charming ways. 

Sunday evening, Dudley’s foster mom got a call from recent Good Dog adopters Ray King and Billy Cathey to bring Dudley (please, please, please) out right then to meet their friend and neighbor, Amy MacDonald.  SO, Julie loaded up Dudley and headed over to see if this was a good fit for this fine little fella. 

Well, it was love at first wag for both Amy and Dudley.  Dudley jumped on the couch behind Amy, snuggling in behind her and peeking out at Julie as if to say, “I like my new mom!”.  And Amy was overheard asking Dudley if he would like to sleep in the big ‘doggy’ (human, actually) bed tonight. 

 Amy has a flexible schedule to ensure Dudley gets all the GOOD DOG walks and attention he needs.  She pet sits and walks her friends dogs regularly as well, so Amy has great dog handling skills plus she understands Dudley’s eczema requires adherence to a specific diet and special baths. 

Thank you Amy (and Ray and Billy) for choosing DUDLEY…a truly GOOD DOG.

Inky heads home to Muscle Schoals

Inky’s new forever family had never heard of until Mom Sharon Connell read an article in Guideposts two weeks ago about Petfinder’s founder.  Well, so motivated was Sharon to learn more about this great website that she logged on right away….searching for BLACK and POODLE (because their other two dogs are black!) and our very own INKY was the first dog to come up on Sharon’s search.  (are you getting a feeling this was meant to be????)

You see,  daughter,Inky & Claire Connell Claire, pictured here with Inky, had been wanting a poodle to cuddle.  And cuddling is what Inky does best-especially if he can rest on the chair behind your head or drape himself around your neck.  Foster mom Julie did all the required pre-adoption checks and the Connell’s were approved with HIGH MARKS to be Inky’s new GOOD DOG FAMILY.  Claire just happened to be visiting friends in nearby Arlington, TN over the Labor Day weekend and picked Inky up in person to travel back to Alabama to live with Sharon, John, Claire, Nolin, Buddy and Sweet Pea.

Thank you Sharon, for discovering that lead your loving family to GOOD DOG Inky.  Inky has come along way from the bootheel of Missouri to the music-making town of Muscle Schoals…way to go INKY!