Keely settles in with Karyn and Bree

Keely1A while back, Real Good Dog Rescue rescued a sweet little Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie mix by the name of Keely. She had been picked up as a stray by a local animal control facility. When we got her, she was none the worse for the occasion, as her sweet and loving personality made her an instant hit with all who met her.

Vivian lovingly fostered her and Keely continued her outgoing ways. She particularly loved to play with toys and also enjoyed her grooming visits.

Karyn adopted Keely and recently sent us this note to update us on how Keely is doing.

Just a quick note to say Hi and let y’all know that Keely (now Cally) is doing great! She and my older girl, Bree, are good together and where Bree is not a real cuddler – Cally is! She loves to be on her back, stretched out on my lap getting her belly scratched. She also likes to pull my arm out of socket tugging on her rope toy!

Anyway, I just thought you’d like to know she is settling in pretty well and we will probably do an obedience class this fall.

Thanks, Karyn, for letting us know how sweet Keely is doing! We’d love to post some pics of Keely and Bree. Sounds like they balance each other out!


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