Good Dog Rescue LOVES referrals!

Dudley, GOOD DOG RESCUE’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pekingnes mix had been to several adoptions in recent weeks, wagging his tail and loving on every child and adult who came his way….working his considerable good looks and charm to win the hearts of his forever family. Dudley at Wags 1  But no one seemed to fall for this little guy’s sweet, toothy smile and charming ways. 

Sunday evening, Dudley’s foster mom got a call from recent Good Dog adopters Ray King and Billy Cathey to bring Dudley (please, please, please) out right then to meet their friend and neighbor, Amy MacDonald.  SO, Julie loaded up Dudley and headed over to see if this was a good fit for this fine little fella. 

Well, it was love at first wag for both Amy and Dudley.  Dudley jumped on the couch behind Amy, snuggling in behind her and peeking out at Julie as if to say, “I like my new mom!”.  And Amy was overheard asking Dudley if he would like to sleep in the big ‘doggy’ (human, actually) bed tonight. 

 Amy has a flexible schedule to ensure Dudley gets all the GOOD DOG walks and attention he needs.  She pet sits and walks her friends dogs regularly as well, so Amy has great dog handling skills plus she understands Dudley’s eczema requires adherence to a specific diet and special baths. 

Thank you Amy (and Ray and Billy) for choosing DUDLEY…a truly GOOD DOG.


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