Inky heads home to Muscle Schoals

Inky’s new forever family had never heard of until Mom Sharon Connell read an article in Guideposts two weeks ago about Petfinder’s founder.  Well, so motivated was Sharon to learn more about this great website that she logged on right away….searching for BLACK and POODLE (because their other two dogs are black!) and our very own INKY was the first dog to come up on Sharon’s search.  (are you getting a feeling this was meant to be????)

You see,  daughter,Inky & Claire Connell Claire, pictured here with Inky, had been wanting a poodle to cuddle.  And cuddling is what Inky does best-especially if he can rest on the chair behind your head or drape himself around your neck.  Foster mom Julie did all the required pre-adoption checks and the Connell’s were approved with HIGH MARKS to be Inky’s new GOOD DOG FAMILY.  Claire just happened to be visiting friends in nearby Arlington, TN over the Labor Day weekend and picked Inky up in person to travel back to Alabama to live with Sharon, John, Claire, Nolin, Buddy and Sweet Pea.

Thank you Sharon, for discovering that lead your loving family to GOOD DOG Inky.  Inky has come along way from the bootheel of Missouri to the music-making town of Muscle Schoals…way to go INKY!


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