Wonder and Beth…alias Ellie

My daughter and I went today to visit Wonder and Beth (Ellie) at their new families home.  They both greeted us with overwhelming licks and wiggles.  They had not forgotten their foster mom…makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  If you remember Wonder, is a Corgi that was was blind at birth …he acts like he has no handicap at all.  The family teases and calls him “handipup”.   He is about 3 months old now and Beth (Ellie) is about 6 months old…they both play,  sleep together, and are doing tricks.  Wonder loves to get belly rubs and play tug with Beth.  Just wanted to send a note and some pictures of the two recent adopted puppies from Good Dog Rescue.

Paige never even made it to Memphis before being adopted


Paige is one of the seven dogs that traveled from Monroeville, AL to Tupelo, MS for vetting and awaiting their ride to Memphis. She is a middle aged malti poo.

We had already taken an application from Marty Brown for a shih tzu poodle mix. He lives in Pontotoc MS. Unbeknownst to Real Good Dog Rescue founder, Lisa, Marty got wind of some of Good Dog Rescue’s dogs being boarded at the Tupelo vet clinic and hightailed it to Tupelo to get a look!

Paige was “taking her exercise” in the outdoor run and she and Marty spotted each other at about the same time. Paige was so happy to see Marty and he fell for her immediately.

Marty owns his own hair salon in Pontotoc and could not meet Lisa in Tupelo the day she drove down to pick up the critters. Lisa was worried she would not be able to observe how Paige interacted with Marty, even though he had wonderful references and even the vet’s office people were trying to help Marty find the right dog.

So Paige, Lisa, and the other six dogs took a trip to downtown Pontotoc where Paige was delivered to “Hair on the Square.” I think you can tell how pleased Marty was with his new dog! He reports Paige went for grooming the following day and settled into his home like she has always lived there. She loves to sit with him in the recliner which is all he really hoped for in a dog.

Marty and Paige

Tiny’s living it up LARGE in Mississippi

Tiny when we first got her and had to have her severely groomed

Tiny is a small Shih Tzu who was surrendered along with two other Shih Tzu’s when their owner said he “could not afford to groom or spay them” They also were not so well cared for. Bad skin, matted hair, fleas.

This little darling deserved so much better!

Well, she found better … much better.

Her new person, Sarah Smith, sends this update at Christmas time:

Here is a picture of our Tiny Girl taken today.  She is so sweet.  We
just had her groomed last week and she is really becoming more
beautiful all the time.

Tiny sends you kisses!  Happy New Year!

Thanks, Sarah, for sending us an updated pic of sweet Tiny. We hope that Tiny and your family have many happy years together.

Tiny at Christmas 2009


Gracie is a 1 year old Peekapoo who wandered the harsh streets of Memphis until taken in as a stray at the Memphis Animal Shelter. She is a very sweet little dog and needed her furever home.

The Markee family, from Richmond, Virginia, applied for Gracie 3 weeks ago. They came to Memphis for the Christmas holiday and the adoption was finalized.

Here the family poses with Gracie – looks like a VERY happy clan!

The Markee Family and Gracie - Matthew & Marybeth as parents, with Genna, Nate, and Ella

Senior Sophie finds the perfect home


Joe and Barbara Manning spied our senior girl, Sophie, and were touched by her picture and her story. Even though Sophie is an older dog and a puppy would give them many more years of companionship, they wanted to give Sophie the home that she deserved in which to live out the rest of her happy life.

We are so grateful to Joe and Barbara for seeing beyond Sophie’s years to her great qualities. We wish for them many happy years together, filled with doggie kisses!

Sophie with Joe and Barbara

Paying it forward in honor of Dixie

Maxine, now Millie, after her adoption

A little while back we posted an update from Steve and Sue Oehman about their adopted dog, Millie (originally Maxine) and her life in her new home.

Recently Steve made a generous donation in honor of Dixie, a much-loved dog of his friend Linda Riggan. Not long ago Dixie had lost her battle with canine cancer.

Steve had one other condition to his donation – that it go to help someone who couldn’t otherwise afford to adopt a pet. Hmmm, we had to think about that one. For a short minute!

Katie, the miniature Pinscher

Enter our minpin mix, Katie, who had been in our rescue since May. She came to us from a high kill shelter. She had heartworms and required heartworm treatment. She was adopted once … and then returned … because of her extreme fear of men.

Well, we had found the perfect foster home for Katie with Rosemary Clark and her daughter, Sasha. Katie enjoyed being with them. Rosemary wished she could adopt her, but funds were tight since she only had a part time job.

With Steve’s generous donation, however, Katie is now officially adopted by the Clarks! We thank Steve, as both adopter and donor, for recognizing the role that animals play in our lives and for wanting to share his concern for his grieving friend to help another worthy canine.

Here’s our happy family photo! Thanks, Rosemary and Sasha, for seeing the beauty in our dear Katie.

Rosemary, Sasha, and Katie

Meghan’s having the time of her new life

Meghan is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie mix who we rescued from Memphis Animal Services. She was recently adopted to her forever home. From there, she sends her foster mom an email updating us on her new life.

Ms. Vivian,

I’m having the time of my life! This family really needed me. I heard mama tell somebody on the phone she’s prayed for years to God for a magic wand to clean her house, and now He’s sent me!

I’m taking mama to obedience classes. As soon as she gets better at how to do things, I’m going to get her into fly ball or one of those things where you run and jump and do all of those fun things.

Lucy and I went to Camp Bow Wow last Friday for our “interview.” Mom was really nervous that I might not make it, but we passed and we can go back any time we want to, although I’m not sure we’ll be here – Dad keeps mumbling about going to the poor house – wherever that is, but I don’t think mama wants to go.

My sisters are really nice. Lucy and I play all of the time. Winnie doesn’t play much, but she does like to go walking. I think she has inherited the title “Drama Queen” from Winnie’s last sister Buffy. I tried to “play” with her when Lucy had to spend the night at the vet’s after surgery and she just squeeled like I was trying to jump on her. Just because we had a little “accident” when I first came. Really. She didn’t have to have any stitches. Only two little staples that only stayed in for a week.

I hope you like the happy I’ve sent you. I had to chew a lot of catalogue pages before mama got the right one. I’m just so grateful you took me in until mama found me. I think you are an angel.

Love & kisses,

PS I almost forgot. Mama gave me a new name: Princess Running Dog Squirrel Killer Doo Doo Eater!

Thanks, Ethel, for the update! We are so very pleased to hear how things are going! Just the place for our Meghan, er, Ethel!

Hollywood Feed Adoptions Saturday!

What a busy day at the Hollywood Feed Store on Union. Good Dog Rescue was busy all day long…from the time we got there till we left. Lots of volunteers and several adoptions. It was great for the “Good Dogs” to have a home just in time for Christmas!

Our Recent Additions who need FURever homes for the holidays & beyond

We have added some fabulous dogs and puppies who need permanent homes as quickly as we can find them so we can rescue more from a certain deadly fate!

The 4 puppies (Cass, Sly, Sting, Twiggy) are adorable. Their mom (Aja) is too sweet. Senior border collie Leland is a wonderful leaner when petted. Chihuahua Peewee came from Mexico, we’re told, and is hoping to find a home in the USA.

Contact us if you might be able to give FURever homes to any of these loving dogs and puppies. If you can post a flyer for us, please download and print this one.

Good Dogs are Waiting on their Christmas Gifts

We thank those of you who have donated money and/or time during this year to the cause of rescuing great dogs and puppies from an uncertain future. At this holiday time, while you’re shopping for loved ones, our dogs and puppies will appreciate anything extra that you can do for them.

We have Fur Angel Trees at 7 locations, including

  • Hollywood Feed Stores at
    • 2013 Union Avenue
    • 4864 Poplar Avenue
    • 1001 N. Germantown Parkway
    • 7085 Highway 64 (Oakland)
  • Ben & Jerry’s at
    • East Memphis, near The Paradiso
    • Germantown, in The Village Shops of Forest Hill
  • Utopia Animal Hospital

We’ve done a little rhyming at this holiday timing and are hoping it’ll help in guiding you to buying some items our dogs and puppies need! Enjoy!

If you need a printout of the above document to take with you to the store, here it is: 12DaysChristmas.

Thanks, again, for all your engagement with the cause of helping dogs and puppies live happy lives in homes where they are safe.