A Very Special Adoption Event as Guinness (Mac) Finds his People

Yesterday we had two simultaneous adoption events! Wow! Were we ever busy!

First was our special event, the Canine Christmas, that was held on the grounds of St. Agnes on Walnut Grove Road. It was a fun time for all who attended, even though the weather finally won out and pushed our time frame for activities there a bit forward. See pics from the day here.

Second was our regular 2nd Saturday adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Poplar Avenue. Three fabulous dogs found their fur-ever homes … including Clint, Piper, and Guinness.

Guinness has an A M A Z I N G story, though. You see, we found Guinness at the Memphis Animal Shelter in March 2009 where he had been brought in as a stray. He was an adorable dog, and an older one. He risked not being adopted and being euthanized because he was older.

Our leader saw his potential, though, and rescued him. It took us a little while to get him placed in what we thought was his permanent home. But then after a couple of months Lisa, our leader, received a telephone call from Tracy Dunlap, a volunteer at Memphis Animal Shelter who knew we had rescued him originally and who scanned for a microchip and saw it was registered to one of our volunteers, Vivian.

Apparently the person who adopted him gave him to someone else who then turned him into the shelter. As soon as we heard he was there, we hurried to the shelter to re-rescue him. We re-committed to finding this very loving dog his permanent home.

Well, at Saturday’s adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Poplar Avenue, a man stopped in that shopping center to eat at Huey’s. As he walked past the door to Hollywood Feed, he glanced in, spied Guinness, ran in and said “that’s my dog”!

Guinness had been lost by his owners last March. They did all the right things – notifying area shelters, putting up posters, and spreading the word. But they never found Guinness.

He called his wife who came as quickly as possible. With tears in her eyes she picked up her Guinness (whose name is actually Mac) and hugged him close. She had gotten puppy Mac in her freshman year of high school. We found out he’s 12 years old and has had a loving life … he can now live out the rest of his life with his one and only meant to be family.

What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Guinness (Mac) and his happy person

2 Responses

  1. Wow, what an amazing reunion story! So glad Mac is back with his family.

  2. What a great story!! I’m so glad Mac’s family found him!!

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