Millie works wonders in her job as stress reliever

Maxine was owner surrendered at Memphis Animal Shelter with Bree, who we believe to be her mother. At the time, Maxine was approximately 2 years old, weighing 20-25 pounds. She was housetrained and loves people!

Maxine was adopted by Steve and Sue Oehmen at one of our Wags & Whiskers adoption events. They recently sent us this Christmas update, along with some new pics of Maxine, who is now named Millie.

I have attached a few photos of our “Millie” who we adopted last February, if memory serves. She is happy and healthy and owns the place completely. She is a tremendously loving and affectionate companion and always makes us laugh even on those hard days with our students.

Thanks, Steve and Sue, for adopting one of our great dogs and sending us an update. We LOVE to read these … and readers of our blog also love to read these stories that reinforce the love that these rescued dogs bring into our lives.

Here are some updated pics of Millie.


Maggie Silver & new best bud, Rupert, “paws” for a Christmas shot

At this past week’s adoption event, Maggie Silver, one of our newest rescue dogs, was adopted by Haley Vincent. Haley already had Rupert, who looks amazingly similar to Maggie Silver. It was love at first sight for all of them.

Once home, Haley got them both dressed up in their holiday finery and Maggie Silver and Rupert cooperated by posing under the Christmas tree.

What a fabulous Christmas present! Thanks, Haley, for sharing with us – and for adopting adorable Maggie Silver.

Maggie Silver and Rupert make FABULOUS holiday gifts under Haley's tree!