Our Recent Additions who need FURever homes for the holidays & beyond

We have added some fabulous dogs and puppies who need permanent homes as quickly as we can find them so we can rescue more from a certain deadly fate!

The 4 puppies (Cass, Sly, Sting, Twiggy) are adorable. Their mom (Aja) is too sweet. Senior border collie Leland is a wonderful leaner when petted. Chihuahua Peewee came from Mexico, we’re told, and is hoping to find a home in the USA.

Contact us if you might be able to give FURever homes to any of these loving dogs and puppies. If you can post a flyer for us, please download and print this one.

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  1. Hello to all, I love the work that is being done by everyone that is involved with loving animals. I have a question, hope you can help me. I am disabled and I have been unemployed since Jan. 2008. I seperated from my spouse in 2006 and he took our two male dogs with him. This past june he went out of town and ask me to look after them til he got back. He must be still gone cause I still have the dogs. They are very sick. This summer they had fleas and worms, I gave them baths and dips, sprays and worm med but nothing has helped them. I can not financially take care of them. I call the animal shelter here in memphis and they told me to bring them the dogs and that I would have to pay 40.00 a piece for shots and 60.00 a piece for spay or neuter. I can’t afford to do that on my fixed income. Their hair is thin, they thin. They just lay around all day and one just barks and barks and barks. I go see whats wrong with him and it’s nothing going on. He just barks all day and night sometimes. If you can tell me where I can get some help with this situation I would appreciate it very much.

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