Meghan’s having the time of her new life

Meghan is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie mix who we rescued from Memphis Animal Services. She was recently adopted to her forever home. From there, she sends her foster mom an email updating us on her new life.

Ms. Vivian,

I’m having the time of my life! This family really needed me. I heard mama tell somebody on the phone she’s prayed for years to God for a magic wand to clean her house, and now He’s sent me!

I’m taking mama to obedience classes. As soon as she gets better at how to do things, I’m going to get her into fly ball or one of those things where you run and jump and do all of those fun things.

Lucy and I went to Camp Bow Wow last Friday for our “interview.” Mom was really nervous that I might not make it, but we passed and we can go back any time we want to, although I’m not sure we’ll be here – Dad keeps mumbling about going to the poor house – wherever that is, but I don’t think mama wants to go.

My sisters are really nice. Lucy and I play all of the time. Winnie doesn’t play much, but she does like to go walking. I think she has inherited the title “Drama Queen” from Winnie’s last sister Buffy. I tried to “play” with her when Lucy had to spend the night at the vet’s after surgery and she just squeeled like I was trying to jump on her. Just because we had a little “accident” when I first came. Really. She didn’t have to have any stitches. Only two little staples that only stayed in for a week.

I hope you like the happy I’ve sent you. I had to chew a lot of catalogue pages before mama got the right one. I’m just so grateful you took me in until mama found me. I think you are an angel.

Love & kisses,

PS I almost forgot. Mama gave me a new name: Princess Running Dog Squirrel Killer Doo Doo Eater!

Thanks, Ethel, for the update! We are so very pleased to hear how things are going! Just the place for our Meghan, er, Ethel!

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