Paying it forward in honor of Dixie

Maxine, now Millie, after her adoption

A little while back we posted an update from Steve and Sue Oehman about their adopted dog, Millie (originally Maxine) and her life in her new home.

Recently Steve made a generous donation in honor of Dixie, a much-loved dog of his friend Linda Riggan. Not long ago Dixie had lost her battle with canine cancer.

Steve had one other condition to his donation – that it go to help someone who couldn’t otherwise afford to adopt a pet. Hmmm, we had to think about that one. For a short minute!

Katie, the miniature Pinscher

Enter our minpin mix, Katie, who had been in our rescue since May. She came to us from a high kill shelter. She had heartworms and required heartworm treatment. She was adopted once … and then returned … because of her extreme fear of men.

Well, we had found the perfect foster home for Katie with Rosemary Clark and her daughter, Sasha. Katie enjoyed being with them. Rosemary wished she could adopt her, but funds were tight since she only had a part time job.

With Steve’s generous donation, however, Katie is now officially adopted by the Clarks! We thank Steve, as both adopter and donor, for recognizing the role that animals play in our lives and for wanting to share his concern for his grieving friend to help another worthy canine.

Here’s our happy family photo! Thanks, Rosemary and Sasha, for seeing the beauty in our dear Katie.

Rosemary, Sasha, and Katie

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  1. Thank you so much for helping us add Katie to our family! She’s such a sweet dog.

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