About Good Dog Rescue

Good Dog Rescue is based in Memphis, TN. Lisa, the fearless leader of Good Dog Rescue, adopts dogs in need from local animal shelters as well as regional shelters. Most come from Memphis Animal Shelter. She selects dogs she can foster herself so they are under 50 lbs with most being in the 20-35 lb range.

Lisa is aided by an able band of volunteers. Some volunteers foster the dogs or puppies while they await their new families and forever homes. Some volunteers devote their time to working at adoption events or tackling large and small projects.

There’s always a lot to be done. If you’d like to help us, send an email to Lisa at ltrenthem@earthlink.net or reach her by phone @ 901-276-7751 in the evening.

If you have a story or picture to share about one of the puppies or dogs of Good Dog Rescue, send an email to Cindy at cynthiakrussell@gmail.com with the details to have her post it on our blog. Our volunteers and adopters love to hear about your happy tails!

7 Responses

  1. We are interested in adopting a puppy. Do you currently have any puppies? We prefer a male and are looking for one with blue eyes….just had our 12 year old Golden die of liver cancer….can’t do the brown eyes for awhile.

  2. We are 2 Maltese dogs and we just wanted to say Two Paws Up!! for all you are doing. LoLLy is a rescue and she and so many like her would not be here without the awesome humans like you1 Love, Your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy! http://www.luluandlolly.com

  3. I just wanted to say that I love your site!

  4. found a male australian shepherd fine with other dogs and cats, housebroken but i cannot keep him…would like someone to take him…he has been fixed and current on shots and heartworm negative must find him a home soon if interested please call me 901 791-5523 after 4 or text me anytime thank you

  5. please contact me i want ot adopt a dog my 15yr old lad went to dog heaven last friday. i have a mixed male dog and i want to be sure he will get along with a new dog.901-484-7191

    this is adoption people only you hae 3 dogs i’m interested in thanks you. save my heart

  6. I am looking for a sweet little dog, cute, doesn’t shed too much, potty-trained, likes children, lap dog, and quiet – not yappy or barking all the time.

    Is there such a thing? I’d like to adopt, but the fees are so high.

  7. Im having to find my LaChow Buddy a new home,hes a super friendly guy.thats why i named him Buddy.My husband found him MLK day 2012,my husband & son have allergies r allergic to his shedding.

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